March 28th, 2012

Lampshade sale at Dearwood this Saturday

Dearwood don’t just create gorgeous hand printed wallpaper, they also make some fab lampshades. There’s 31% off all of them this Saturday only. I highly recommend a visit to Vicki’s gorgeous Paddington store at 70 William Street. And why not pop into one of my favourites, I Like Birds, for a look at their vintage and new homewares while you’re there?

January 17th, 2012

Colour in your own wallpaper!

Sounds crazy but how much fun would this be in your kids’ bedroom? Or even a big kid’s room? I can see it in a study/home office or it’d be great in a cafe or bar setting. 

Emily Ziz Style Studio has just become the exclusive representatives of the John Burgerman “colour in” wallpaper in Australia. They’ll be supplying this great product from the UK to both trade and consumers. 

To find out more or order samples, go here.

November 13th, 2011

30% off floor stock lampshades at Dearwood

Pop down to William Street in Sydney’s Paddington if you get a chance, and check out the lampshades at boutique wallpaper studio Dearwood. They’re making way for new designs so there’s 30% off lampshades until 19 November.

October 6th, 2011


Our lovely friends at Dearwood have offered a great prize for one lucky Interiors Addict reader.

You’ll get to visit the new Dearwood showroom in Sydney’s Paddington to select a lampshade from their range, or have one custom made to your specification with the finest Dearwood wallpaper, up to the value of $300.

Dearwood is a new boutique Sydney-based wallpaper house which also creates beautiful lampshades, as seen on The Renovators. Everything is hand printed in Sydney and designed by Vicki Meintjes, who recently opened her first showroom in trendy William Street, Paddington. Interiors Addict went along to the opening and it’s divine!

You can find out more about Dearwood and get a sneak peek behind the scenes at their fab Facebook page.

To enter this competition, just hop on over to the Interiors Addict Facebook page and tell us why you should win by the end of tomorrow (7 October 2011). It’s that easy!

If you win and you can’t visit the showroom in person, you can choose from the selection at the Dearwood website or call to discuss a custom order.

September 28th, 2011

Meet Textile designer Tamara Schneider of Funky Wombat Textiles

I first came across textile designer Tamara Schneider when one of her lampshades caught my eye online. It was so beautiful I couldn’t stop looking at it. Seriously. Gorgeous.

She owns the amusingly named Funky Wombat Textiles and her designs are far more sophisticated, beautiful and grown up than the name might perhaps suggest.

Tamara started off studying fashion in the nineties. But as much as she loved Westwood and McQueen, it was the textile designs and processes that really excited her. When she moved to Melbourne in 2006, she finally enrolled in a textile design course at RMIT and so it began.

Through one of her lecturers she met Paul Simmons, one half of legendary Scottish design studio Timorous Beasties. “He was out here doing a trade show and we got invited to meet him for coffee. It was truly one of those geek groupie moments, especially for me as I had known about Timorous Beasties for so long. Eventually I got over the giggling schoolgirl thing and had a really nice chat.” A year later, when she was looking for a work project to finish her diploma, Tamara booked a ticket to Glasgow.

“I could try to downplay it a bit and be cool or something but the truth is it was brilliant. The energy that Paul and Alistair [McAuley] bring to the design process is amazing. It really helped me focus the things I had learned at school and gave me a bucket load of confidence as a designer. It really opened my mind to the many ways of combining old and new technology.”

She got back to Australia in August last year and soon started up Funky Wombat Textiles. “Now I’m doing my own designs for my own label with my own customers, so yeah, pretty much living the dream. Was it always my ambition? I’m really not sure, but I know that I’m enjoying working in my own business far more than any job I’ve ever had.”

There’s a lot of Aussie flora and fauna in her designs and this wasn’t intentional, although she admits to loving “wildlife and all associated bush junk,” adding: “My dad is a mad bushwalker who used to drag us out every chance he got when we were kids, so I was constantly exposed to the beauty of the Australian bush. I guess wildlife seemed a natural place to start when I began designing.”

Being environmentally friendly is important to Tamara. “I’m constantly looking at ways to improve the sustainability of not just us, but of all the other parts of our supply chain. To that end the majority of our production is digitally printed. It’s kind of counter-intuitive but it turns out that the machines are better environmentally as they can actually do things far more efficiently than we can with hand-printing so there’s much less waste. Also all of our inks are water-based so no harsh chemicals and we are always watching for new innovations that might help reduce our carbon footprint further.”

Funky Wombat Textiles turns one next month and it has grown steadily. “We recently started to work with some interior designers but the majority of the business is still with people looking for something to lift a room or a nice gift. The custom side has been the real surprise, not so much for what the jobs are but rather where the clients have come from. We recently completed a wallpaper job for an office in London, and have just been contracted to design more wallpaper for an apartment in Stockholm. One of the best things I did was integrating the supply chain early in the piece so we can be really responsive to our customers’ needs and turn most of the custom orders around in a couple of weeks.”

Tamara says it’s increasingly hard to predict interiors trends and she doesn’t care to. “There are no longer two or three oracles of wisdom for trends, there’s probably 3000, and while I find it good to get ideas I find it really hard to say that this year ‘polka dot flamingos with flaming red beaks carrying orange shoulder bags’ will be the trend. When I want to see what is happening now I’m more likely to come to a blog like Interiors Addict, where I feel some sort of connection with the author because I liked the things I’ve seen there, rather than try to make any kind of sense of the other 3000 articles out there.

“I’m not so much into trends but rather assisting people to create a style that they can relate to and want to live with. To me that’s what interiors is all about.”

September 27th, 2011
Signature Prints has been been working on an exciting new collaboration with Materialised to open up a new world of colour, fabric and flexibility for the contract and textile markets. The range will be available from 1 November. Watch this space.

Signature Prints has been been working on an exciting new collaboration with Materialised to open up a new world of colour, fabric and flexibility for the contract and textile markets. The range will be available from 1 November. Watch this space.

September 24th, 2011

Dearwood opens wallpaper showroom in Sydney

I was delighted to be invited by designer Vicki Meintjes to the opening of Dearwood in William Street, Paddington today. I love her screenprinted wallpaper and lampshades (which featured on The Renovators). Best of all, everything’s screenprinted by hand here in Sydney. I predict the ‘Deer in Woods’ design will be the bestseller. Interiors Addict wishes Vicki all the best in her new venture. Gorgeous shop. You must visit!

August 2nd, 2011

Readers of this blog know I love coming across great ideas for renters who want a fabulously stylish space but can’t commit to things homeowners have the luxury of playing around with. Like paint, wallpaper, nails in walls… you catch my drift. This week I came across wallstudio, which is fantastic for renters and fickle homeowners alike!


The brainchild of graphic designer and illustrator Janette Baker, wallstudio lets you create graphic walls with a customised canvas art range. She says: “Inspired by the hottest trends worldwide, wallstudio provides an instant and affordable way to update your space with the latest looks and colours. Choose a design and we can tailor the colour and size to fit within your space.”


It’s great for those who want the bold styles and patterns of the latest wallpaper but are too afraid to commit to a whole wall or something so permanent. You can even customise colours to create the perfect look. And the benefits to renters are clear: the ability to add colour and pattern to your walls, matching your existing furniture and accessories, and take it with you when you move out. Prices start from $250.


As I always say, it’s often the simplest ideas which are the best!

July 26th, 2011

Wallpaper myths busted!

Myth number 1: Wallpaper is not “it”  Look around and wherever you turn the evidence is in plain sight: on TV, in magazines, on websites and in display homes, walls are being covered with creative patterns and designs that bring rooms to life. Wall coverings are everywhere! The minimalist plain wall is long gone. People want to design their walls, and contemporary wall covering collections deliver in spades.

Myth Number 2: Wallpaper was big in the 70s and only works in psychedelic colours, nanna prints or velour  Wake up! The 70s were a long time ago! Were iPods invented then? Did you lie against the nanna prints talking on your mobile phone while you watched a favourite movie on blu-ray? The shag pile is gone and wallpaper has evolved. The world’s most contemporary designers work all year round to bring you designs that will blow your mind. Get on board or get out of the way, walls will never be the same again.

Myth number 3: Wallpaper is hard to coordinate  Your first instinct is the best instinct: pick a colour, pick a fabric pattern or pick a texture from your room before you start looking at what’s available. In most instances you will find something that appeals easily and quickly.

Myth number 4: Wallpaper is not attractive!  Anyone that says that is clearly wrong.

Myth Number 5: Wallpapering is hard!  I love this one. To be fair, wallpapering used to take some work, but like every other thing that exists on the planet today, we have worked at it and made it dead easy. Wallpaper put simply is a three-step process: paste the wall, cut paper to size and stick it on.

Myth Number 6: Wallpaper cannot be removed  In the old days, everything lasted forever, we had milk bottles made of glass, washing machines that never broke down, clothes that were handed on from child to child etc… In those days they used wallpaper glue that lasts, in some cases for a very long time. Now we live in a throwaway world, everything changes quickly, so we now have miraculous wallpaper glue that will keep wall coverings on the wall and simply peel off the wall surface when you are ready to put the next one on!

Brought to you by Hume Internationale, a leading Australian wall coverings provider.

July 15th, 2011

Love wallpaper? You don’t have to import!

Some of my friends are under the impression you have to import wallpaper from Europe if you want something really special here in Australia. They’re mistaken! Our favourite Australian wallpaper boutiques include Publisher Textiles, Dearwood, Moore & Moore, Signature Prints (famous for Florence Broadhurst designs) and Sparkk. Check them out before you go spending a fortune oveseas and waiting weeks for it to arrive!